The Dive Review

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The Dive – Restaurant Review

Suicide BurgerA group of friends and I decided to check out a relatively new place near 31st & Colorado called “The Dive” With a name like that, how could I resist? I could finally do “The Dive Review!”

We met with casualties right away, as the hand scrawled “CASH ONLY” sign hung behind the counter sent two of our number hiking to the nearby 7-11 to use the ATM. The three survivors claimed a table that would fit all of us (five total), and started looking at the menu.

I mean menu, singular, because there was only a single menu on each table. We were sitting at a six top, so I imagine it can get pretty friendly with six people trying to share a single menu. We stole the menu from an unoccupied neighboring table, so we could be twice as efficient.

After a few minutes, the hikers rejoined us, and we were ready to order. Despite our number, we only tried two menu items. Three of us opted for the Bleu Burger, and two of us decided to try the Dive Suicide Burger. We all asked for varying temperatures, from medium rare up to medium well.

Our waitress was very friendly, but very busy. She was the only one on duty, and the only employee we saw our entire visit. The restaurant looked very clean and well kept.

Our food arrived, and my suicide burger looked pretty good. It had┬áhabenero and jalapeno peppers mixed into the ground beef, and in some cases hanging out of the side, reminding me of Eddie Murphy’s Mom’s house burger. But in a good way. I dipped my finger in the homemade hot sauce that topped the burger, and was unimpressed by its heat and flavor. It wasn’t bad, just somewhat bland, and I expected it to be hotter.

The burger itself was pretty good, and packed a lot of heat, although not in every bite, since I didn’t always bite into a pepper. I liked the onion bun a lot.

Bleu BurgerI had ordered my burger medium rare, but it appeared to be cooked all the way through, with only the barest hint of pink in the dead center. In fact, temperature was an issue all the way around the table. We had medium burgers that were more rare than medium rare burgers and medium rare burgers cooked as well as medium well burgers. It was incredibly inconsistent, and if they are going to allow people to specify thse things, then they need to figure out how to do it right!

The folks who ordered the Bleu burgers generally liked them, but they all agreed on one thing: it needs more bleu cheese!

My fries were obviously hand cut and fresh, but were way too soft and greasy. Some of the others around the table said theirs were just fine, so my thought is that since I was served last, the previous 4 batches of fries cooled off the grease in the fryer enough to not quite be hot enough when my turn came around. At any rate, I couldn’t eat them. The lucky ones said theirs were just fine.

I almost forgot to mention – in addition to burgers, the menu also has a large breakfast selection. The waitress told us that they serve it all day, so it may be worth checking out.

I certainly can’t say The Dive was bad, but I also can’t say its good. There are good and bad parts, and it definitely needs some tweaking. Compared to all of the other amazing restaurants down on Colorado ave, they have their work cut out for them to be┬ácompetitive.

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The Dive Review, 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


  1. You’ve been busy since I was here last! Thanks for finding all these interesting local places! Did you know some people think Colorado Springs has nothing but chains? It’s crazy, but we really need people to talk about the local eateries!


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  2. this review is from before the new owners took over! The dive is now the best place to eat. Disregard this review!! RICHARD you need to come back and do another review and get this bad review off of here!

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    • Hello uwner! I’ve been away from Colorado Springs for 6 months since I wrote this. I’ll definitely go back and try it again. I wouldn’t call this a bad review – there were a number of very positive things. In my mind (and on this site), 2 stars is what I call average, 3 is good, 4 is great, and 5 is spectacular. I should probably define that somewhere…

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