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Cafe Banzai – Restaurant Review

Beef BulgogiI haven’t been to Cafe Banzai since they moved. They used to be in a run down building downtown, that was always cold. I still loved their food, and visited a number of times. When it closed down, I was sad. I didn’t realize they had simply changed locations until six months or so ago. It took me a while to get over and check out the new location, but I’m glad I finally made it!

The couple that own the place are really nice, and the woman actually recognized me from a couple of years ago. She told me that she remembered me taking pictures! “Yep, that was me, and I’m going to take some more!” She also asked how my wife was doing, and was generally very pleasant.

Cafe Banzai’s new digs are very nice. A huge step up. They have more tables, some nice artwork on the walls, and even heating. I was very pleased that they have the same great menu, with some additions. You can get a chicken teriyaki rice bowl for a mere $5.00, and lunch specials run $5.99! They have a limited menu of sushi rolls, and have added dessert to the menu, which they previously did not have. It’s only ice cream, but hey, that’s better than nothing! The price for it ($3) seemed a bit steep to me.

I ordered the spicy pork lunch special, and my friend Sean went with the beef bulgogi.  The lunch specials are great, because they come with miso soup, a salad, then the main dish, which contains rice, noodles, gyoza, and whatever meat you ordered.   That’s a lot of food for six bucks!  It didn’t take long before it arrived and we dug in like starving wolves (it was a late lunch, and we were hungry!) It wasn’t until a few bites in that we realized I was eating Sean’s beef, and he was eating my lunch. She had given us the wrong plates 🙁 We decided to leave it as is.

The beef was very good, and is essentially the exact same as the yakiniku beef I had previously. I guess they decided to rename it for whatever reason. The spicy pork looked amazing, and Sean said it was very good, but not too spicy.

I still love their gyoza, and the noodles were perfect. The rice was really just okay, but I’m not a huge rice lover, so you should probably ignore my opinion on that.

Overall, the new Cafe Banzai is the same great place, in a much nicer location. They have a larger menu, but the same great prices. I highly recommend it.

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