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Johnny’s Navajo Hogan

Johnny's Navajo HoganThe Navajo Hogan has been in town for over 80 years. You can read all about their history on their menu or their website. It’s a super cool building with two crazy wooden domes. As long as I can remember, it’s been a restaurant, although it has changed ownership a number of times.

I went for lunch with a group of friends. Upon looking at the menu my initial reaction was that the appetizers are way overpriced ($8 for fried zucchini, $10 for nachos? Really? I hope they are HUGE orders.) I thought my wallet was in for it for a minute. Thankfully, the rest of the menu is much kinder.

I ordered a chicken avocado burrito ($8.95), and since this place is so well known for its broasted chicken, I had to try that too. I ordered a leg ($1.29). Around the table, my friends ordered various other items – Indian taco, pizza, more chicken, etc.

Johnny's Navajo HoganOur table was strategically positioned so that we could watch the cooks shoving food out of the window from the kitchen. Everything they put out looked terrific, and gigantic! There must have been a backlog of orders, because our food took a very long time. The waitress was friendly and attentive, and kept our drinks full during the wait. Finally, our food arrived.

My burrito looked great, and tasted better. It was chock full of tender chunks of chicken. The avocado added great texture, flavor, and coolness. The burrito was topped with green chile, black olives, and jalapeno’s  I was in heaven! It also came with a side of re-fried beans which I thought were also very good. They were just the right consistency – not soupy and gross, but not like cement either. Good flavor as well.

My broasted chicken leg was also a hit. It was seasoned perfectly and the skin had a nice crunch. The meat was tender and juicy. It was one of the best pieces of chicken I’ve ever eaten. One of the friends I was with had ordered a whole plate of chicken, and now I know why.

Johnny's Navajo HoganThe couple of slices of pizza my friends had looked terrific. I was especially jealous of Tim’s special slice (the D-Hansen) which was loaded with meat. His Indian taco also looked tasty. It reminded me of a tostada, but on thicker (and deep fried?) bread.

Overall, our trip to Johnny’s Navajo Hogan was a wonderful experience. Aside from the too-long wait time, and the pricey appetizers, I found very little to fault with this place. The food and service was top notch. Our table was even visited by a manager to ask us how everything was. These guys really seem to have it together. I’ll definitely be back.

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