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Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen Pizza – Restaurant Review

Ruffrano's Hell's Kitchen PizzaI was in the mood for pizza, but wanted something different than my old standby (Joey’s), so I decided to head to Manitou Springs and check out Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen Pizza. I was joined my my friend, Tim.

Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen Pizza offers New York style pizza in the heart of Manitou Springs. The building looks pretty sweet. It’s painted red, with yellow flames all the way around the large front windows. Inside, there is a ton of classic photos of New York. Nice atmosphere.

They have a lunch deal of two slices plus a fountain drink for $9.50. It seemed a little pricey to me, but not unacceptable. You always pay a little more in Manitou, that’s just the way it is. I ordered a slice of their signature hellfire pizza, and one of the four cheese white. Tim also went for a slice of hellfire and a Sicilian deep dish. After my order was rung up, I noticed the hellfire garlic knots, and asked for one of those. We were told that he’d bring some out for both of us.

After filling our drinks from the soda fountain, we found a table – there aren’t very many of them – and took a seat. It wasn’t long before our pizza was ready. The hellfire looked awesome, the four cheese white, not so much.

The four cheese white was topped with a lake of grease. I folded the slice in half and tilted it so that the grease poured off onto my plate. After that, I dabbed the top with a napkin to soak up what I could. After all that, I started to eat, and was disappointed by the blandness. I understand that the four cheese used (ricotta, mozzarella, provolone, and Parmesan  are all mild cheeses, but it just didn’t work. Joey’s Pizza has a similar white cheese pizza (The Bianca), that is outstanding, so I’m not sure what went wrong with this slice at Ruffrano’s. Lesson learned.

The Hellfire is another story. This pizza is reason enough to come to Ruffrano’s Hell’s Kitchen. It’s got cheese, spicy Italian sausage, cherry peppers and pepperoni, as well as spicier-than-usual pizza sauce. I didn’t find it to be very hot, but the taste was fantastic. I enjoy spicy foods, so when I say something “isn’t very hot”, you should take that with a grain of salt.

Tim loved both of his slices. The Sicilian deep dish looked great and Tim said it was terrific, so I’m going to try that one the next time I come.

The hellfire garlic knots with the hellfire pizza sauce were awesome, and were given to us at no charge.  Now that’s a great deal!  We were also told that they were going to open a new restaurant across the street called “Heavenly Breeze” that was going to be a juice bar with pastries.  Heaven and Hell – across the treat from each other!  Cool idea.  They are hoping to have it open before Christmas.

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