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Las Americas – Restaurant Review

Las AmericasMy friend Mark recommended Las Americas, so Owen and I decided to go check it out with him. It’s near the corner of Circle and Platte, and it’s a real dive. The sign board looks like it has been painted over several times, but the words “Las Americas” were clearly visible amid the smudged backdrop.

They have a wide array of Mexian food to choose from, but Mark decided for us. We simply got a pound of barbacoa, a dozen tortillas, and we each opted for a soft drink. They have Coke in glass bottles (imported from Mexico), which Owen and Mark chose. Since I’m always up for trying new things, I ordered a Tamarind soda. Oddly, they did not take our money when we ordered (standing at the counter), so after receiving our drinks, we took a seat.

It didn’t take long for the plate of barbacoa to arrive. It was one huge plate of meat! It had a small pile of chopped onions and another of cilantro on the side. We also received our dozen tortillas and a small plastic pitcher of house salsa. Immediately, we set about making some tacos.

Las AmericasOk. I thought I had barbacoa before, I honestly did. But after tasting THIS barbacoa, I’m pretty sure I haven’t. I imagine many places shred up beef, maybe marinade it and season it, and call it barbacoa. THIS barbacoa was amazing. Compared to anything I’ve ever had, it was shred into much smaller, softer pieces. It had a rich, decadent flavor imbued into it that was incredible. It is easy to imagine that this truly came from the soft cheek and face meat of a nice friendly cow.

I thought the house salsa was also very good. I really liked the strong hint of cilantro that added an edge to the flavor.

Once we were done eating, we remembered to go back to the counter to pay. To feed all 3 of us was only $18 – not a bad deal at all. We left a healthy $5 tip, which still kept the total to under $8 each.

I really liked Las Americas, and will definitely be back.

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  1. I am constantly looking for good Mexican food, but my only experiences with it are the big chain types of restaurants. I’m gonna have to look for this place. Thanks!

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    • There is some really excellent mexican food available, and very rarely do you find it in the big franchises. However, there’s plenty of bad stuff out there too, lol. Do a search for “Mexican” on this blog and you’ll get the idea. Personally, I recommend your next Mexican meal happen at El Taco Rey ( The food is fantastic. It’s a family place. I think they’re on the third generation. Happy eating!

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