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King’s Chef Diner – Restaurant Review

King's Chef DinerI’ve lived in town since 1985, and I’ve seen King’s Chef quite a number of times, and always thought “neat, what a cool looking building!”, but for some reason, I’ve never stopped in to eat. Browsing around on the internet for some good places to eat, I noticed a lot of hype about this place, so I finally decided to give it a try with some friends.

We met here at 11:15, and the place was already hopping. All of the seats inside were taken, so we ordered and paid inside, then went out to a picnic table.

One note about ordering: you better speak quick when the waitress asks you, or she’ll go do something else. She walked away from me just as I was about to order, with a “ya snooze ya lose” attitude and after she asked one of my friends a question he started with “umm”, and she immediately interrupted and told him it “was a yes or no question”. I’m not sure if this is just her personality, or if this is the ‘vibe’ the restaurant is trying to convey – but I’ve never been a big fan of the manufactured rudeness that some of the east coast restaurants try to do. In any case we just laughed it off and didn’t worry too much about it.

I ordered “The Thing”. It is aptly named. It has two pieces of Texas toast on the bottom, meat (I had ham), 2 eggs, and about a ton of hash browns. The entire thing is covered with green chili and cheese. It stands nearly 6 inches tall. Wow!

King's Chef DinerWhen the waitress brought it out to me she said, “Let me know when you need a box”. I took this as a challenge, and determined to eat the entire thing.

I gotta say, it was great. The green chili is very hot, so if you aren’t into spicy food, make sure you tell them to put it on the side! I thought it was perfect. The toast, eggs, and ham were all excellent, as were the hash browns. The only problem I had was that the immense volume was mostly made up of hash browns (understandable.. they are the cheapest part of the meal), so the meal was extremely dense and “potato heavy”. I didn’t let that bother me too much as I dug in.

Amazingly, I did manage to finish it all. It was painful, but I managed. Here’s a picture my friend Sean snapped as I was struggling to finish the last few bites.

I was so full from lunch, I had to skip dinner. This “thing” will stay with ya for a long time!

In all, it was a pretty fun experience. Come early, because the place gets crowded.

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