Athens, We Have A Problem

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Greek Cafe #2 – Restaurant Review

My buddy Mark and I decided to check out Greek Cafe (#2) today, since were were in the neighborhood for another errand. He had been there before, and thought it was “pretty good”, but it was my first time.

The restaurant looked very tidy and clean. There was a line of about three other customers that we stood in to get to the register. This gave us time to look over the menu. It’s pretty standard: gyros, falafels, kebobs, hummus, etc. It reminded me a lot of Grand Gyros or the Greek Grille.

I finally got to the register, and ordered a chicken gyro with fries and a drink. The young lady taking my order asked If I would like onions and feta cheese on my gyro.

I was a bit surprised, because in my experience, all gyros come with those things, so I asked, “It doesn’t come with it?”

“No” was her response.

I followed up by asking how much extra feta and onions cost, and was told that it didn’t cost anything extra, but only came with the sandwiches by request. I felt a little bit better about that, and told her that I did indeed want it. I was told that I was order number six, and given a cup for my soda.

Mark and I filled our paper cups from the soda fountain, then sat down. And waited.

… and waited.

Eventually, a woman brought a plate to our table, but neither of us recognized it. She took it away, and gave it to the people sitting at another table. This happened again with a basket of food!

After about 25 minutes, the woman who took our orders at the register came to our table and asked us what we had ordered. After we told her, she went back to work.

A few minutes later, a different lady brought Mark’s plate out – he had ordered a special, the Mediterranean Plate, which had a lot of different things on it – falafels, dolmas, meat, etc.

She came back a moment later with a sandwich in a basket for me. I asked, “are the fries on the way?”

“Oh, you want fries?”

“I paid for them, so … yes!” I was getting a little frustrated by now.

She scurried away, and returned with a tiny Styrofoam plate with some fries on it.

“Do you have ketchup?” I asked. “Of course” she replied, and off she went, again.

It was at about this point that I noticed my chicken gyro did not have feta cheese and onions in it, but I decided to not make a big deal of it. We’d already been here for well over half an hour and were just now getting our food, I just needed to get done with lunch and back to work.

So I dug in. The gyro was pretty boring. Lettuce, tomato, tatziki, and chicken. The tatziki was a touch too watery, and did not have great flavor. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t impressive. Onions and feta would have made a world of difference. The fries were about what I would expect from a fast food-ish sort of gyro place, but there was a disappointingly small amount of them.

Overall, I was quite disappointed. What is the purpose of telling people their order number if you aren’t going to use that to attempt to match the orders to the people they belong to? My order was screwed up multiple times, and I eventually settled for less than I asked for. In addition to all of that, we had to wait an unacceptably long time for our mediocre food.

I can’t see myself going back.

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