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Supernova – Restaurant Review

Mario BurgerI’m a child of the ’80s, so that gives Supernova an unfair advantage with regard to this review.  I haven’t been to an honest-to-goodness arcade in years, but that’s exactly what Supernova is.  But its even better than that, because they also have some terrific food, low prices, and a full bar!

The space is fairly small, and shares an old brick building with Louie’s Pizza.  Behind a nondescript door on Boulder Street, just east of Tejon is a nostalgia overload.

I graduated from Sierra High School right here in town in 1988.  Back then, we had several arcade games in the cafeteria, one of them was Joust, which was my first stop at Supernova.  I used to be able to sit on the center island during wave eight and kill pterodactyls all day but alas, that skill has abandoned me over the years, and I couldn’t even get to wave eight.  In shame, I decided I should look at the menu.

Supernova BurgerI asked the bartender/waiter if they would cook a burger medium rare for me, and after checking with the cook, he reported that they certainly would.  I ordered the Mario burger ($8.50), medium rare.  The Mario doesn’t have mushrooms on it as you might expect, but it does have pepperoni, provolone, and marinara sauce.  One of the friends I was with ordered the Supernova burger ($9.50), and the other asked for the daily special, which was 2 hot dogs, chips, and a drink for $5!

Monday $5 SpecialYou will never be bored while you are waiting for food at Supernova.  We dropped quarters into Pac-Man, Pole Position, Street Fighter 2, Zaxxon, and several others.  It was like my childhood all over again, except that quarters don’t seem quite as valuable to me now as they did back then, and my scores were a lot lower.  The arcade is obviously a work in progress, as many of the machines were either not functioning, not turned on, or obviously damaged.  It looks like they are working on it though, and I’m sure many of those old games aren’t easy to come by.  My only major disappointment was that Tempest was not working 🙁

Don’t expect to find any modern arcade games here – their goal is old school ’80s games, and they hit the nail right on the head.

SupernovaThe food arrived, and it was fantastic.  My burger was perfect.  Very juicy, with just the right amount of pink.  The buns were toasted nicely – any more and they would have been burned, but they didn’t cross the line.  I didn’t put anything on my burger, just ate it the way it came.  I’m glad I did, because it was delicious.  The kettle chips were nice and crisp and were a good compliment to my burger.  Tim enjoyed his hot dogs, but after seeing the burgers, did express some regret.  He couldn’t really complain too much because his lunch was only $5.

The Supernova burger looked as good as my Mario.  It comes topped with bacon, and a fried egg!

Every weekday, Supernova has a $5 lunch special, so check the menu.  Also, there was a sign on our table advertising 35 cent wings on Wednesday  so I’ll definitely be back to check that out!

Their bar looks first rate, but since I had to go back to work, I was unable to sample their wares.  Supernova is open late, so I’m sure its a lot of fun to come here in the evening.  If I were 20 years younger, single, with no kids, I would definitely be here way more often than is healthy.

So what are you waiting for?  Check it out!


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